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Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to connect your tablet to your Technogym Cycle, Technogym Elliptical and MyRun.

In this article you can find out how to connect your tablet to your smart equipment; boosting your training experience with Technogym Live App, the new digital platform which will empower your workout with the many contents available for you, both for free and on-demand (Technogym Live App is available both for iOS and Android systems). 

First of all, before connecting your tablet, make sure that your equipment is "active" and not in "stand-by" mode. You can assess the state of the equipment by the presence of the backlit icons on the console.

If it has been properly plugged in and the main switch is on, as soon as you get on your equipment, it will detect your presence and the console will automatically activate. In case of stand-by just go down and step up to wake it up again.

Remember that this step is essential, otherwise, when you try to connect the tablet to your equipment, Technogym Live App will not be able to detect it. 

Below you can find the steps to follow to connect your tablet:

  1. Make sure your tablet’s Bluetooth® connectivity is enabled;
  2. Check that your equipment is not connected to any other previously used devices such as smartwatches, laptops, smartphones or tablets;
  3. Do not try to connect the equipment from the tablet connection panel. Connect it only from Technogym Live App for tablet to avoid detection problems;
  4. Download and Login to Technogym Live App with a valid Technogym ID;
  5. Press on the “Not Connected” button on the bottom right of the home screen. (Some previous MyRun models may take up to 30 seconds to be detected by your device);
  6. In case of successful connection the button will become green with written on it "START";
  7. Choose and press on the type of workout you want to train with, place your tablet on the console, you will be asked to press the central green button to start your training on your smart equipment.

Are you still experiencing connectivity issues?

If you're still having connectivity problems despite these instructions, there may be several reasons why your tablet is not connecting yet.

Here, there are some measures to take into consideration:

  • Turn your equipment ON\OFF: turn your equipment off and then turn it on, so that any temporary connection problem can be automatically resolved and then try again to connect your tablet with the procedure described before in the body text;
  • Disconnecting Third Party Apps from your equipment: always make sure that you have correctly logged out from any Third-Party Apps (such as Zwift and Strava) in order to disconnect them from your equipment, in this way your equipment will be "free" again and, hence, it can be found by Technogym Live App; 
  • Using multiple tablets for the same equipment: in case you use multiple tablets for the same equipment, before connecting a new tablet, make sure you have disconnected the tablet you have previously used.
    You can disconnect it directly from Technogym Live App: just go to Settings > General > press on the name of your equipment to disconnect it permanently.
    Now your equipment will be "free" again and you'll be able to connect a second tablet from Technogym Live App following the procedure previously described in the main body text;

  • MyRun purchased before 2021: If you had purchased a MyRun before 2021, when you enable the Bluetooth ® on your tablet, make sure to connect your equipment only through Technogym Live App, and not from the Bluetooth settings of your tablet.
    If, on the contrary, your tablet is connected by the Bluetooth settings of your device, and on Technogym Live App you can still see in the gray panel the item "Not connected", go to the Bluetooth section of your tablet and dissociate your equipment (press on the “i” icon next to the “connected” item, and then, within the new interface select “forget this device”).
    Once you have done it, go back to Technogym Live App and this time you will be able to connect your tablet by pressing the "Not connected" grey button which will turn into a green one saying “START”.
    If your tablet/iPad for some reason is not detected by your equipment, try to activate and then deactivate aeroplane mode from the drop-down menu on your device. As another solution, you may try to turn off the bluetooth from the settings of the device, and then to turn it on and follow again the steps to connect your tablet/iPad to your equipment.

Please note that for all products (Technogym Cycle, Technogym Elliptical, MyRun) purchased after 2021, you won’t be able to find the equipment in the Bluetooth settings since a specific connection protocol is used. Always try to connect it only from Technogym Live App for tablet.

Finally, if despite these indications you still can't connect your tablet to your Technogym Cycle, Technogym Elliptical or MyRun, we suggest you to contact our team at that will be happy to assist you, identifying together with you the right solution.

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