Custom Exercises on Technogym Ride
Discover all the training possibilities available for Technogym Ride in the 'Custom' section.

With Technogym Ride, you can entirely customise your training experience to reach your specific goal in the fastest and simplest way possible.

Thanks to the CUSTOM section of Technogym Live, the Technogym digital user interface built into Technogym Ride, you can create your own workout by:

  • Choosing a specific Goal
  • Creating your own training profile with advanced settings
  • Selecting one of the 11 'Presets' workouts, each of them targeted to improve a specific performance

Goal Workouts

Selecting the Goal section, you can set your own ride by choosing:

  • Time Goal: how long you want to workout
  • Distance Goal: the distance you want to cover
  • Calories Goal: how many calories you want to burn
  • Power Goal: the target power and duration of you workout
  • FTP Power Goal: the target % FTP you want based on your FTP Threshold and the duration of your ride

Advanced Workouts

If you want to reach a specific goal by creating your own profile, you can go to the Advanced section, where you can fully customise your training experience by selecting:

  • Power Shift Training Mode: which allows you to set up to 5 power target values and switch between them during your workout with a single tap
  • Create your Own: where you can create your own workout and save it for the next time. In this section, you can set your workout by choosing your objective by duration or distance and build your training steps through the dedicated profile builder. Read more below on how to create a custom profile.

Create Your Own

Here you can set, for each step, the %FTP target and the RPM target. To add blocks you can press the Plus Button or directly copy and paste a step. You can also use some defined presets to help you create your blocks and modify or delete each one of them.

During the creation, you can swipe through the profile to see it in detail.

Now that you have created your personalised profile, you can start training and it will automatically be saved and you can find it and start again or edit it accessing 'Create your own' workouts again.

Preset Workouts

In the Presets section, you can find 11 different Preset workouts with a defined duration that give you the possibility to target a specific performance goal by choosing a Power based workout or a Slope based workout.

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