Cycling programs on Technogym Ride
Discover the Cycling Programs available on Technogym App and boost them with Technogym Ride.

On Technogym App you have the possibility to train with indoor training programs suitable for everyone, both for professional cyclists and amateurs, taking full advantage of the true potential of Technogym Ride.

First things first: How does it work?

Whether you activated a Signature Program or you have a program assigned by the Technogym Coach, you are now ready to train!
In order to start your Daily Workout on Technogym Ride follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in on your Technogym Ride (using the same Technogym ID created on your Technogym App);
  2. Select the tile Program;
  3. Tap on the green button to start your cycling program’s prescribed workout.

(Please take note that if you would like to change your training day of your Cycling Program > Go to Technogym App home page >  press on the "Edit" icon located on the right of your "Precision Program" summary > scroll down until you see “Training Settings” > tap "Training Days" and edit your training and rest days).

You can access two different types of training designed for the world of cycling:

  • TNT Programs: an acronym standing for the Technogym Neuromuscular Training, which you can be assigned while creating your Precision Program, within the Sport category and then by selecting “Cycling as the specific sport you would like to practice (to find out more about how to create your Precision Program, check here);

  • Max Testa's Cycling Programs: which are the Cycling Programs belonging to the Signature Program category and which have been created directly by Max Testa, the well-known cycling trainer of the world's most successful professionals.

Below you can find a more detailed overview about the cycling program you would like to activate, so you can choose the option that suits you the best.

TNT Programs 

The TNT (Technogym Neuromuscular Training) Programs on the Technogym App have been created by the best physiologists and trainers of the world, based on the most effective training methods for cyclists.

They have been created with the aim of improving your metabolic and neuromuscular characteristics, as well as all the fundamental qualities to perfect your performance.

The TNT programs belong to the specific category of Sport Programs which are assigned by the Technogym Coach.
To activate one of the cycling TNT Programs, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Access Technogym App on your smartphone;
  2. Tap the tile "Create your Precision Programs" section on the Coach tab;
  3. Complete the assessment selecting "Sport" and then "cycling" among the options given;
  4. Press "Let's start" and you will find your Daily session on the app homepage.


Then, according to your answers, Technogym Coach can assign you 3 different types of programs, all that can be boosted by your Technogym Ride:

  • CHAPTER 1 - Foundation

Develops the fundamental qualities, both aerobic and strength related, which are the essential prerequisites to get you ready for the race day.

  • CHAPTER 2 - Development

Consolidate and develop the basic skills already acquired to get used to training at high intensity for longer time intervals.

  • CHAPTER 3 - Transition

Refine your training by associating the intensity of the training stimuli with the increase of cadence and the search for pedalling circularity to improve your efficiency.

In addition, each program:

-can adapt to your weekly schedule, because you can specify the days on which you would like to train;

-includes warm-up and recovery parts, essential elements to prepare your body and prevent injuries;

-adapts to your performance in real time, offering you always new challenges.

Then, on the scheduled workout day, your Technogym Coach will propose your"daily workout " to practice on your Technogym Ride.

Signature Programs for Cycling

Specifically for Cycling, Max Testa, sports doctor who has trained professionals in cycling, triathlon and running, has created 4 training programs of different levels and with different intensities, all structured with 3 weekly sessions of one hour each for a total duration of 6 weeks.

To activate one of the cycling Signature Programs, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Access Technogym App on your smartphone;
  2. Go to the "Workouts" section on the bottom panel;
  3. Click on "Programs" on the top of the page,
  4. Scroll down until you see "Cycling", and then by swiping to the right, you can view the different programs available;
  5. Select the program you are interested in and press "Activate program".

More in detail, you can find 4 programs signed by Max Testa and 1 additional signed by Technogym Team:

  • Base 1 training: this program for beginners includes a combination of various exercises: tempo training, strength/endurance reps, threshold training and agility exercises. A complete training with the key qualities to be specifically developed by the road bikers: power, strength, endurance and speed.
    The various intervals that make up the central part of the training are designed to achieve good fitness and optimize performance.

  • Base 2 training: this intermediate level program is characterized by training section with increasing workloads, to work at high intensity for longer time intervals.
    The objective is to consolidate and develop the skills you have already acquired: in fact, if you want to start this training program it is recommended to have accumulated at least 1000 km during the general training stage.

  • Building phase training: this intermediate level program focuses on cadence and circularity of pedaling at medium to high intensities not only to improve your style but also it helps in reducing fatigue, which is crucial for performance improvement. 
    Training sessions are characterized by intervals at different power zones, although the rpm's are kept high for most of the workout.

  • Pre-competition training: this is an advanced level program, characterized by very specific exercises that focus on increasing the anaerobic threshold and the ability to workout at very high percentages of your threshold.

  • Maratona dles Dolomites: this program is signed by Technogym for those who intend to tackle the Marathon and already have a good level of training. To optimize your preparation in the final weeks before the marathon, Technogym Team have created a unique program that consists of three demanding sessions per week to be performed indoors. The sessions are progressive and allows you to develop endurance in climbing and agility in the steepest sections of the race.

With the cycling programs available on Technogym App you can have everything you need to stay motivated, and to continuously improve your performance. 

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