Discover MOVEs and MOVERGY
Find out more about the new metric created by Technogym.

What is the true meaning of being "Active?"

By deploying its best scientific resources combined with thirty years of experience in the sport field, Technogym has succeeded in developing a new, innovative tool: MOVEs.


MOVEs are the ultimate unit of measurement for objectively assessing your lifestyle, based on the exercise you do regardless of your gender, age or fitness level

Any action you take that involves movement will be accurately tracked and recorded.

To give you a better understanding of how MOVEs are taken, here is an easy example:

  1. Five flights of stairs are considered 50 MOVEs;
  2. A nice walk of half an hour equals to 200 MOVEs;
  3. But if instead of walking for half an hour you decide to run, well... the 200 MOVEs will become 400 MOVEs, twice as many!

MOVEs can be checked and counted in two different areas of Technogym App (if you haven't downloaded Technogym App yet, go check here!):

  • At the top right of the Coach section, where you'll get a preview of the daily Moves you've collected and the ones you have yet to achieve, all based on your training goal;
  • In the Activity section, where a graph will present you with the history of all the movements collected over the last few weeks.

Keep in mind that to keep yourself healthy, we suggest you to do at least 1000 MOVEs every day!

But hey, we are not done yet. Because along with MOVEs, comes Movergy.


The Movergy is an index of how active your lifestyle is, and represents the average of your daily MOVEs earned over a 14-day period.

By constantly monitoring the level of your Movergy, you'll be able to tell if you're running towards your wellness, or if instead you need to correct a little bit the shot, moving a little more.

If your Movergy is set:

  • Below 500: then you are considered a sedentary person;
  • Above 750: you are a moderately active person;
  • Over 1000: you are a very active person!

To check your Movergy, all you have to do is to head to the Activity section within Technogym App. It will be the first indicator you'll find in front of you.

With MOVEs and MOVERGY you always keep your motivation level high, by comparing how active you are with your friends and challenging them in funny competitions in the name of Wellness.

Because remember:

Movement is and always will be the foundation of Life

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