Discover Wellness Magazine on Technogym App
Discover Wellness Magazine on Technogym App: a library of articles with insights into healthy eating habits, useful workout tips, mindfulness, stories and many other curiosities, for a true wellbeing.

Technogym App is your daily wellness routine at 360 degrees. 

In fact, within the Wellness Magazine section, accessible from the Technogym Coach main interface, you can find different types of insights which will help you in achieving an optimal mental-physical balance.

Specifically, in this section you can explore assorted themes including:

  • Lifestyle: topics dedicated to many curiosities for a healthy lifestyle, from power napping to making good daily habits, as well as the benefits of music on physical activity;
  • Training: this collection includes articles with a wide variety of tips on how to improve your performance and how to execute your exercises correctly along with many insights into the newest trends from the athletic world;
  • Nutrition: healthy recipes and many curiosities about the benefits of a proper, healthy diet; 
  • Sports: this section is ideal for the true sport fans of different disciplines who will be able to read specific articles in order to achieve best performances like a pro;
  • Mindfulness: within this category the fundamental theme is the deep awareness that can be perceived in a specific moment, in the small daily actions;
  • Stories: true and motivating testimonials from athletes and champions known not only for having exceeded in a specific sport, but also for the passion that guided them in their life choices;
  • All articles: in this section you can access chronologically the most recent articles from all the aforementioned categories to stay up to date on the latest news.

Furthemore, you can filter the articles by selecting the topic that interests you the most from the menu bar located on the top, or by scrolling with your finger to the right or to the left, from one section to another.

With Technogym App, wellness is a real lifestyle: many daily gestures to read and rediscover to live better. 

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