Enhance your reality with the Relive Gps Function
Recreate your favourite outdoor trails with real time activity tracking!

Want to relive your outdoor runs?

Thanks to Technogym's collaboration with some of the most popular activity tracking apps on the web, you can!

By combining GPS data obtained from Strava, Garmin, Runkeeper and Map My Fitness, you have the opportunity to experience, in retrospect, your outdoor routes.

Discover how it works.

GPS Relive Function

Thanks to the data tracking feature coming from third-party applications, all of your routes will be saved and recorded in every single detail. This way, you'll have the amazing opportunity to replicate all the parameters you've followed along your favorite outdoor circuits

Speed, inclination and intensity of your best tracks will be accurately reproduced above the platform of your equipment, which will constantly adjust itself in an automatic way - all you have to do is to grind kilometers, letting the equipment do the rest of the job.

Please note that you still have the possibility to change the speed manually from the console of your equipment.

If you do that, the parameters won't be preset anymore. As a result, your equipment will no longer adapt to the specifications of the outdoor route you have selected, and will instead start following the new values you manually entered.
If you desire to get back on track, just press the button "automatic control" at the top right of the interface: you will turn back to the route's original setting again.

Satellite Map and Ghost Feature

For an authentic and fully immersive experience, through the high-resolution interface Technogym Live, you'll be able to see reconstructions of your routes in real time!

All thanks to the use of two/three-dimensional maps coming from Google Maps.

In addition, you’ll also have at your disposal the Ghost feature - an icon on the track that represents you during your outdoor run. Through the ghost, you’ll have the possibility to challenge yourself and overcome your own limits. Because, as they say: there is no better opponent than yourself.


To access these sensational features, you'll first need to sync one of the third-party apps mentioned above with your account using Technogym App or Technogym Live App. You can do it by following the steps below:

Technogym App

  1. Access Technogym App (you can download Technogym App by going here);
  2. From the home page, head to the section reserved for your Personal Area. To do this, press the button at the top right with your photo (or your initials, if you have not uploaded any image);
  3. Inside your Personal Area, go to Settings > Connect Apps;
  4. Select the desired app and tap un "connect";
  5. Follow the login process and the external app will be connected with your Technogym ID;
  6. If the process has been successful, you will notice that the grey text saying “connect” has now changed into a white wording specifying “Connected”.

Technogym Live App

  1. Access Technogym Live App main interface (Technogym Live App is available for both iOS and Android systems);
  2. Press on "Settings" at the bottom left (the one with the gear-shaped icon);
  3. Go to “Connections” panel;
  4. Select the third-party app you are going to use by pressing the plus button "+" next to it;
  5. Log in to the app with your credentials.
  6. If the operation was successful, you'll see that the plus button has turned into a little cloud.

Start your Relive GPS experience

Now, in order to use these features, you'll need to go to the section "My Activities".
You can access My Activities section tapping on your picture in the top right corner of the Technogym Live Interface and then selecting the button "My Activities" from the drawer appeared; while using Technogym Live App you can find My Activities at the bottom left of the main screen, next to the Settings button.

My Activities is a particular section of Technogym Live that works as your personal diary. In it, you can find all the workouts you have done on your equipment, including a history of all your performances (if you want to know more information about this specific section, check the dedicated article for Technogym Live Interface and Technogym Live App)

Within My Activities, you can not only see the workouts you've done at home on your equipment... but all of your outdoor runs will be imported as well!

Any route that you have traveled out there using Technogym App or other activity tracking apps such as Strava, Garmin, Runkeeper or Map My Fitness, will in fact be accurately saved. 

Later, to retrace one of your circuits, all you have to do is access My Activities, select the list of outdoor routes through the bar at the top, identify the workout to be performed and then press the blue button "repeat workout".

Please note that this feature is available only for bikes and treadmills.

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