FTP Test on Technogym Ride
Calculate your FTP threshold by testing your limits with this performance assessment.

The Custom section on the main interface of Technogym Live features the handy FTP Technogym Test, a short but intense program designed to calculate your FTP threshold.

The FTP (Functional Threshold Power) is the maximum average power that a cyclist can deliver for an entire hour. Basically, it represents an estimate of the workload that a cyclist can sustain without an excessive accumulation of lactic acid within their muscles.

Determining your FTP threshold is of fundamental importance for every cyclist, whether it's a professional or an amateur. 

Thanks to it, you will be able to evaluate your level of athlete, and you will be able to manage more effectively all your training, with the goal of a constant improvement on the back of your Technogym Ride.

According to your FTP threshold, Technogym Ride will allow you to automatically perform calculated power workouts with the right intensity for you.

Every single step of your workout will gravitate around the percentage of your FTP, so that you can develop the optimal power that will ensure continuous improvement and a general increase in your performance as an athlete.

To access the FTP Test:

  1. Go to Technogym Live main interface;
  2. Head to the Custom section;
  3. Within the Custom section, go to the “Tests” category and select the “FTP Technogym Test” panel.

The FTP Technogym Test has a total duration of 20 minutes, and is divided into two distinct phases:

  • During the first phase, which is 16 minutes long, you need to select a ratio and cadence in order for you to maintain a medium to high work intensity;
  • In the second phase, which is 4 minutes long, you need to select a gear and a cadence that enables you to deliver 100% power.

To maximize your performance and avoid possible injuries, it is advisable to perform 10 minutes of warm-up before starting the test, and 10 minutes of cool-down at the end of the workout.

Controlling or modifying your FTP Threshold

After you have completed the test, your FTP threshold will be automatically recorded in your profile data. 

You can view it whenever you want by following these simple steps:

  1. Access Technogym Live main interface;
  2. Select the Settings button at the bottom left of the screen (the one with the gear icon, next to the home button);
  3. From Settings, head to Profile>Training Data category.

In the Training Data section, in addition to the FTP threshold you will be able to see and modify additional parameters such as your weight, your maximum heart rate or the measurement unit you initially set up Technogym Ride with.

Keep in mind also that you have the opportunity to change the value of the FTP threshold that you obtained with the test result. To do this, just press on the "FTP Threshold" box and select a new parameter by scrolling with your finger and pressing the ok button.

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