Getting started with Technogym Cycle
Get started
Follow a few steps to adjust all the features of your Technogym Cycle for a correct and immersive cycling experience.

Technogym Cycle is the most comfortable cycling ever, suitable for the whole family’s training needs.

Before starting your workout, you can adjust:

  • The height of your saddle: press the yellow marker located under the saddle and pull it down or up to your liking (for a correct positioning check that the saddle is aligned with the height of your iliac crest);

  • The foot straps: loosen or tighten them at your convenience, so that they fit comfortably and securely at the widest point of your foot.

Now after this initial step, you can get on your Technogym Cycle to double check if you have set your saddle height correctly. Just simply extend one leg on the side till the pedal gets to its lowest point, and then check that in this position your knee is slightly flexed without, however, being over-extended. 

Working out with Technogym Cycle

To activate it, simply get on it and start pedaling: its handy console will light it up, showing you a comprehensive and intuitive overview of your workout.  

You will be able to keep under control:

  • The training time;
  • The workout resistance level;
  • Your pedaling cadence expressed in RPM;
  • The distance covered (which can be set both in kilometers and miles).

In addition, thanks to the Fast Track Control conveniently placed on the handlebars, you can easily change the intensity of the workout (to do this, press the plus symbol to increase it or the minus symbol to decrease it). 

Let yourself be guided by your Technogym Cycle, its fluid pedaling has been especially designed to guarantee you a unique training experience, marked by the maximum comfort. 

Now all you have to do is to get started: ready to discover all the Technogym Live App training possibilities on your tablet?

(See here how to connect your tablet to your Technogym Cycle)

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