Giro d'Italia Series on Technogym Ride
A professional cycling experience to celebrate the values of cycling: passion, resilience, effort and tradition.

The Giro d’Italia Series gives you the incredible opportunity to live an immersive experience on the stages of the Giro d’Italia: the history and greatest victories, directly on your Technogym Ride.
Ride the most iconic routes of the Giro. A complete range of training experiences inspired by the world's most legendary routes and designed to employ various gears and power zones.

The Series is composed of 6 Sessions with gradient and power profiles that will lead you towards a dynamic and engaging experience. An expert personal trainer will ride beside you and videos of the real Giro d’Italia will be part of your workout.

Here’s how to train with the Giro d’Italia Sessions:

  1. Log in to Technogym Live;
  2. Click on the section called “Trainers” from the Technogym Live Interface
  3. From the Series list on the left, select “Giro d’Italia” 
  4. Start with the first Session and follow your champions through the whole series, or simply pick the one that inspires you the most. 

All the Sessions that are part of the Giro d’Italia Series are recognisable for their typical pink color and you can access them also directly in the Session library.

Remember that you are required to have an active Technogym Unlimited subscription if you want to access the special Giro d’Italia Series.

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