How can I clean my Technogym Bench?
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Learn the right procedure for proper maintenance of your Bench.

For a workout always on the top, we suggest you to keep your Technogym Bench always clean and tidy. By doing so, you'll be able to better preserve its condition for an optimal maintenance in the long run.

Discover how by following these simple steps:

  1. Take a soft, non-abrasive cloth or sponge and impregnate it in warm water mixed with mild soap (we do not recommend using other detergents);
  2. Rub gently the cloth along the entire surface of the Bench, paying particular attention to the top, entirely made of natural rubber;
  3. After you have finished cleaning, remember to dry each segment of the product with extreme, to prevent moisture residue.

Please remember that your Bench is also equipped with various accessories, including a training mat realized with a special three-layer technology.

The top layer of the mat, made in Nanorubber, maintains a closed-cell structure that prevents sweat from penetrating the interior, and it is easily washable with a microfiber cloth (always impregnated in water and mild soap).

Even in this case, at the end of the cleaning, we recommend you to dry the mat carefully, avoiding placing it in contact with direct sunlight or near artificial heat sources.

Also, avoid storing the mat if it is still wet.

Please note that over time a slight whitish tint may appear on the mat; this effect is due to the fact that rubber is a product of totally natural origin. The coloration is therefore a sign of the high quality of the material, and will not affect in any way the performance or the durability of the product.

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