How to mirror training content from my phone to the TV?
Would you like to see your workout on a bigger screen? You can do it with the mirroring function of Technogym App.

Enjoy your Technogym App’s favourite workouts on the bigger screen of your Smart TV, for a completely immersive training experience. 

As it follows you can find how it works both for iOS and Android devices: from the "Workout" section of Technogym App, select and start the Routine, the Session or the Class you would like to mirror on your Smart TV. Then, according to the specific workout you have selected you can have different options:

  • For the Routines, you can click on the  “Option” menu on the bottom left of your interface, and select “Screen Mirroring”;
  • For the Classes, you will have “Screen Mirroring“ directly from the video workout;
  • For the Sessions, instead, you can have both options, depending on the specific Session you are working out with.

    For the Sessions designed for Bodyweight and Strength Equipment, the "Screen Mirroring" feature will be present on the main screen;
    the Sessions focusing on Cardio Equipment, instead, you can access the "Options" menu and then choose "Screen Mirroring".

After selecting Screen Mirroring”, specifically:

  • For iOS devices: you will be shown a screen explaining the exact steps you need to follow in order to start the mirroring function from your iPhone to your Smart TV. 
    They are: Open Control Centre > Screen Mirroring > Select your TV.
  • For Android devices: you will be taken directly to a dedicated section of your smartphone, which allows you to synchronize the screen of your phone with the one of your Smart TV. 

Does mirroring work on all Smart TVs and for all smartphones?

In general, the mirroring function from your phone to your Smart TV is simple and possible with all devices that support the latest versions of their respective operating systems (iOS and Android).

In addition, for iOS users, it is necessary to have an Apple TV or a TV compatible with Airplay 2.

For Android users, instead, the mirroring function is available with a TV compatible with Samsung Smart View. 

‍(For a proper functioning, make sure that both your phone and your Smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi Network). 

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