Pedal Printing feature on Technogym Ride
Identify your perfect pedal stroke with Technogym Ride's Pedal Printing feature.

Whenever you start a free workout, a slope workout or a power workout with Technogym Ride, a new screen will appear on the Technogym Live display where you can monitor various parameters related to the workout you are doing. 

Within this interface, you will find the function "Pedal Printing", which will visually represent the data related to your pedaling.

Pedal Printing is represented as a circle, with two percentage values on the side and a small sliding indicator attached to the bottom.

As you pedal, you will notice a purple flow forming inside the circle, indicating the roundness of your pedal stroke*

The rounder your pedaling is, the more the level of purple flow will increase, eventually reaching its maximum expansion culminating in total coverage of the rim surface.

Thanks to PEDAL PRINTING™ technology, the user is able to receive constant visual feedback on the roundness and symmetry of the pedal stroke for each gear ratio, in order to monitor and thus increase his or her pedalling efficiency and technique.

The system analyses each pedal stroke and the symmetry in torque delivery between the right and left leg in real time. Each pedal stroke is analysed in real time, while optical sensors check the symmetry in torque delivery between the right and left leg.

Moreover, the indicator below serves to give you additional information about the balance of your pedaling. When the pointer is fixed on the center it means that you are pedaling in a perfectly symmetrical way. On the other hand, if the pointer is pointing more to the right or left, this implies that you are leaning too much to one side or the other.

* With "roundness of pedaling" we refer to the technique that is obtained when the muscle work is active during the entire circumference traced by the pedal stroke, both in the push phase and in the return phase.

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