Setup different Gear on Technogym Ride
Discover the different modes available for Technogym Ride.

The extraordinary innovation of Technogym Ride is that it can be configured in four different modes, respectively: 

  • Mountain Bike (MTB)
  • Gravel Bike
  • Road Bike
  • Crono

Each of these will be characterized by a different setting, able to reproduce the same identical sensations of the type of bike chosen, with different values of chainrings and cogs.

The famous Mountain Bikes, for example, fall into the category of bikes best suited to deal with steep slopes, as they have a very small monochrome in front, while behind they have a very large gearbox, essential to reduce fatigue while pedaling.

Gravel Bikes, on the other hand, represent an excellent middle ground between Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes. As with MTBs, Gravel bikes also feature a monochrome front wheel, which will however be characterized by larger dimensions.

Road bikes and Crono bikes both use a similar system, with the difference that the Crono is the category of bike most used for flat racing, so it will have larger crowns than the road bike.

To choose the mode of your Technogym Ride, follow these steps:

  1. Access Technogym Live main interface (if you want to know more information about Technogym Live, you can check them here!)
  2. Press on the "Settings" button in the bottom left corner (the one with the gear icon);
  3. Within Settings, go to Profile > Gear Setup.

Inside the Gear Setup panel, you will find 4 different buttons, each representing a different type of bike. Under each configuration, you will have 2 functions to go and modify the respective chainrings and cassette range, in order to give you the maximum freedom of customization.

Keep in mind that by default, Technogym Ride will be set as a Road Bike, with values of 48/33 for chainrings and 10-28T for cogs. You can still change these to suit your preferences.

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