Strava Routes with Skillbike
Discover the Strava routes feature integrated with Skillbike.

Train on your favorite Strava routes directly on your Skillbike.

Take advantage of the true potential of the connected console integrated with your smart equipment for a seamless cycling experience: simply log in directly with your Technogym ID.

Then, after logging in, you will notice the first box at the top labeled "My Riding Logbook".

Press it and you will then see the heading "Strava Routes" through which you can view and download up to 25 Strava routes to play directly on your Skillbike.

Keep in mind that you will need to have previously created a Strava account to use this feature. 

In this section you have all the routes you have decided to record and import from the app or the Strava site. 

Specifically, you can find:

  • All the routes you have done yourself and saved as Strava Route;
  • All the routes you created with Strava's editor and decided to save;
  • All preset routes made directly by Strava for you that you have decided to save.

To find your routes on the Strava website or app, go to its main menu, then head to Dashboard > My Routes (Maps > Saved , on Strava app). Select 'Cycling' to see the routes that can be imported on Technogym Live.

How to train on your Strava Routes

Once you press on the route you would like to ride, your Skillbike will faithfully reproduce and replicate the same km and the same inclinations shown in the initial overview. Remember that it will be you who will manage the gears during the various points of the route.  

The specific features of your Skillbike will be an invaluable ally in training your performance, but more importantly in discovering your true potential every day.

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