Training Modes with MyCycling
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Discover the two training modes of MyCycling.

Thanks to MyCycling, you have the possibility to greatly boost your skills as an athlete, maximizing your performance like a real pro.

In particular, when riding your bike, you can make use of two different training modes, distinguished in slope workouts and power workouts.

Both modes will be available on the MyCycling App, the application created by Technogym to allow you to exploit the full potential of MyCycling.

Through these two formats, you'll be able to simulate the same sensations as when you're out on the road, and you'll be able to ride slopes worthy of the best international tracks.

Slope workouts

The workouts that can be included in the 'incline' type are so called because the respective exercise blocks are primarily based on the incline level.

When you select a slope workout on the MyCycling app, you can decide whether to do the workout by duration or by distance.

The level of incline you set will trigger MyCycling, making you feel the same resistance as you would when facing a climb in the real world (note that you can reach a maximum incline of 20%).

In addition, to tackle the toughest slopes, with a quick gear change of your bike you will have the opportunity to change the ratio of the resistance set by MyCycling - all to make your training experience as complete and immersive as possible.

Power workouts

Power training consists of programmes based entirely on the power level, expressed in watts. This level will be calculated in %FTP, and will therefore correspond to the FTP threshold value that you have obtained by carrying out our Technogym FTP Test (find out more about the test in this article).

In particular, no less than 5 Power Zones have been identified, adjusted on the basis of the result obtained in the test. Each zone corresponds to a specific FTP percentage: Zone 1 (greater than 55%); Zone 2 (between 56 and 75%); Zone 3 (between 76 and 90%); Zone 4 (between 91 and 105%); Zone 5 (greater than 105%).

With the MyCycling App, you can also decide on a parameter for power training, always distinguishing between duration or time.

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